How to Lose Weight in a Week Up To 10kg

How to Lose Weight in a Week - Having the desired weight is not impossible. Often the process can seem frustrating, especially for those who do not have as much time to engage in physical activity, or who enjoy the less advisable meals when losing weight is treated.

But, facing the summer, it is normal to propose radical goals, how to lower 10kilos in a week.

If you are looking for a really effective way to lose weight in very, very little time, you must make a commitment to yourself:

It will only be a week, but it will be a strict week, otherwise it will not work.

If you commit and focus on the goal, you will see that it is not so difficult.

We Teach You How to Lower 10Kilos in a Week

If you are wondering how to lower 10kilos in a week, this diet will be very useful.

It is very important that you know that this regime does not complete all the needs that a healthy body has.

It is only a feeding routine for when you have a specific need to lose many kilos in a short time, and once you achieve your desired weight you just have to keep it.

Remember to supplement these indications with at least two liters of water per day.

  • The first thing to do at the beginning of the day is to drink fruit juice (they can be liquefied provided they are water-based). A secret: mixed fruits satiate more.
  • So if possible you have to combine, for example, watermelon with papaya, mango with pineapple, melon with oranges, and so on.
  • Add some toasted dry fruits for breakfast: a handful of almonds or walnuts, which, if you prefer, you can consume in the middle of the morning.

You should have a bowl of skim milk (250 milliliters is a good measure) with cereals that are high in fiber. You can incorporate flax seeds as well.

Incorporating these ingredients will give you satiety and speed up your metabolism remarkably. Combine it with a big lettuce and tomato as you like, but remember not to use anything (or almost nothing) of salt.

At night, eat a small fruit (a plum, a peach) or a portion (slices of pineapple, watermelon, melon, for example). You can accompany him with an infusion of your taste.

The consumption of tea is free, and indeed highly recommended: some varieties of tea, such as green tea or red tea, have antioxidant effects that invigorate our metabolism.

Now That You Know How To Lower 10Kilos In A Week

  • You have no excuse to let yourself be: if you need to lower those kilos that have unsatisfied you, make a little effort and you will gratify the results.

But remember: this regime is not recommended for a period longer than a week. After seven days, it is advisable to start another regimen, less restrictive but that serves to maintain the result.

You already know the secret about how to lose 10 kilos in a week: a diet of the most efficient. What do you expect to put into practice? The ideal body is closer than you think!

Now you're probably wondering if you're going to win those 10 kilos as fast as they went ...

For those 10 kilos to disappear from your life forever I advise you to read the book THE DIET OF 3 WEEKS by Brian Flatt.

In it, you will not only find the secrets of how to lose 10 kilos in 1 week but also how they never come back.

All through a healthy diet that even stimulates your immune system.
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