Indications and Contraindications Of Kobido Massage

Kobido massage can be a great option simply for those who want a total relaxing session. Although it is ideal for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, it is also ideal for those who wish to self-tap for an hour of tranquility.

This type of Chinese massage is also perfect for those who suffer from migraines, providing rest and relaxation to the mind, as well as people who have sore eyes (for example, spending many hours in front of the computer), and which relaxes the facial muscles involved in vision.

Similarly, kobido is beneficial for those suffering from bruxism because it diminishes the effects of this disorder throughout the maxillofacial area. With this therapy, in addition, some skin problems such as age spots, psoriasis, or oily or dry skin are attenuated.

Contraindications of kobido massage

This type of treatment is not suitable for everyone. People who have a rash on the skin caused by an allergy should not be treated as it could be harmful to them. It is also not a therapy that gives the best result in people with some type of recent internal or external scar, since the therapist should avoid the area of ​​the affected face and will not get a homogeneous result.

For patients who have excessively oily skin, acne, eryrosis, or cuperosis, kobido massage is not ruled out, but it will be done at a slower rate and with a less strong pressure to avoid increasing these problems or causing pain. Therefore, more sessions will be needed to get all of your benefits.
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