What Foods Make Fat

If you are thinking about leading a healthy life but not doing a strict diet, you should know that there are a number of foods that make you fatter than others. It is important that before planning your new eating habits you are clear what you can include in your diet and what is better than you give up once and for all if you want to avoid gaining extra pounds.

In a way, we help you to know which foods make you fatter and discover, as well, which are the least recommended foods to lead a healthy life. Discover them!

Fast or prepared meals

Going to a fast food or eating prepared food that you buy at the supermarket are the habits that you should give up once and for all. Why? First, because fast food restaurants are ingredients with a high caloric intake and few nutrients; In addition, the chemicals they contain (such as flavor enhancers, preservatives, etc.) make their calories higher and their nutrition intake very low.

With the prepared meals of the supermarkets, exactly the same thing happens: the dressings and the ingredients with which they are made make their fats and calories very high without interfering in their nutritional contribution, which is really very low. In short: eating this type of food you are adding fats to your body and no food.

French fries

One of the foods that fatten the most are the chips because they are a product that to achieve its elaboration must be dehydrated and cooked by the absorption of fats. This basic procedure to make potato chips makes this food contain large amounts of calories that become refined hydrates and fats.
With the dehydration procedure, the water in the potato chips is evaporated and, consequently, they absorb all the fats of the fried oil. For this reason, if you want to enjoy a healthy diet, say goodbye to both the chips and chips, which process is the same and we must add the extra additives for its conservation.

In general, you should keep in mind that when frying the food our ingredients absorb high proportions of the fat of the oil, therefore, a healthy food such as a chicken breast, frying it becomes a caloric pump. Substitute fry for healthier cooking modes such as griddle, baking or steam, you'll notice the difference!


Another of the habits that we must abandon altogether if we want to enjoy a healthy diet and low in calories are the sauces. When people say that pasta makes you fat, it makes a big mistake since pasta alone does not make you fat: what makes your calories increase are the sauces with which we usually accompany pasta dishes.

The same is true on the contrary: to think that a salad is not fattening because it carries only vegetables is a serious mistake because if you dress it with yogurt sauce, the salad does get fat. As you can see, the sauces are fattening because they are made with high-calorie ingredients (like liquid cream, plenty of oil, fats, etc.).

So if you want to eat without gaining weight, avoid to the maximum the consumption of any type of sauce in your plates: opts for a jet of olive or lemon oil and it enjoys delicious and low-calorie dishes.

Sweetened soda

Soft drinks are another of the foods that make you more fat because most of its components are sugars or caffeine. Keep in mind that if you want to lead a healthy life, sugary sodas should be banished completely from your diet since they only contribute calories and fat to your body without taking any food or positive nutrition for your body, rather the opposite: it is known that some soft drinks damage the bones because they absorb calcium.

So forget about sugary soft drinks in your diet and opt for other more nutritious drinks like tea or green juices.

Red meats

Beef, pork, beef and many others are known as red meats, a type of meat that is high in saturated fat and causes weight gain in people who eat it on a regular basis. Instead of eating this type of meat, try lean meats like turkey or chicken, very tasty meats, and a low calorie.

In this section, we also include all kinds of sausages or sausages, foods that have to be incorporated ingredients and preservatives that have increased the proportion of saturated fats. Chorizo, sausage or sausage are ingredients that can be banished from your diet if you want to lead a life low in fat.

Baked goods and refined flour

The pieces of bakery like the croassants or ensaimadas are cooked with refined flour, one of the ingredients to avoid because of its high caloric intake. In this same section, we also include cookies and white breads because they are made with white flour, refined and high in sugars.

However, we must forget the myth of food that says that bread is fat because it is not. As with sauces, it is not bread that fattens but the accompaniment that we give to this ingredient: its wet it in a sauce, if we make a snack sandwich, et cetera. In a How do we unveil other myths about food so you know which are true and which are not.

What is certain is that refined flour is made with sugars, something that makes saturated fats increase, therefore, we recommend that all carbohydrates you consume in your diet are whole-meal carbohydrates, in this way your contribution in fiber and its slow absorption will cause them to become energy and not saturated fats.


Chocolate is an ingredient that, on its own, has a high caloric intake. Many people have been arguing about whether chocolate is not fattening, what is fattening is milk and sugars but it is not true: pure chocolate has many calories. What is certain is that black has fewer calories than milk chocolate or white but equally as many calories.

Here we give you a calorie chart per 100 grams of chocolate, so you have an idea of what we have:

  • White chocolate: 566 kcal per 100 grams
  • Milk chocolate: 534 kcal per 100 grams
  • Black chocolate: 520 kcal per 100 grams

As you can see, although the pure has fewer calories than those made with milk, chocolate has many calories and therefore is one of the foods that make you fatter.

Packaged fruit juice

Prepared and packaged juices are also one of the foods that make you fat because they contain a lot of sugars. In fact, excessive consumption is linked to obesity, so forget the packaged juices and choose to prepare them yourself or by replacing them with a piece of fruit.
In a How we tell you which fruits are fattening less so that you know the ones that are best for you and also give you some perfect juice recipes to include in your diet.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is another of the foods that make you fat because it contains large amounts of sugar in its preparation, above all, you should avoid all liquors because they contain the most sugars. Among the alcoholic drinks you can take, you should always keep in mind the graduation they contain because the more grades you have, the more you gain weight.

In a How do we unveil some doubts about the calories of alcohol by telling you what makes the wine or beer more fat, explaining which are the alcoholic drinks that make you fatter and which are the drinks that least fat.
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