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Zotorial.com - About us

Zotorial is a growing health website. Strongly committed to promoting a responsible and healthy lifestyle, Zotorial offers a community where users can share their experiences related to health, access to information and news, and educate themselves about medical issues and of lifestyle.


Our mission is to improve your life by providing relevant health information and giving you the ability to share your stories and health related issues with others Our goal is to provide up-to-date and accurate health information, but also to share the true stories of real people to inspire and support others as they navigate their health problems. Zotorial.com offers a welcoming website for people of all different backgrounds and ages (from 13 years).

Our goal is to contribute to your life by increasing your:

  • Happiness. We want to help users and readers enjoy their daily activities in the best mental and physical health.
  • Motivation and empowerment. Whether you are working to maintain a healthy lifestyle or deal with chronic health problems, we know that the path to your best health is paved with hard work and obstacles. We are here to help you stay motivated.
  • Preserve and present traditional knowledge and long forgotten. Traditional and alternative healing methods are being sidelined and forgotten because of a powerful drug industry that often can not offer a solution. When Western medicine fails, people stay on their own, and many seek answers in alternative healing methods.
  • Innovation. Body care is a fast-moving field of constant change. At Zotorial.com, we want to help our users stay current, making the most recent information available to inform their health decisions.
  • Connect people. Zotorial.com recognizes the value of emotional and community support and makes people who connect with similar experiences and health challenges a priority.